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Fujian Tongxing Automobile Synchronizer Co., Ltd. and Fujian Shishi Tongxing Gear Co., Ltd. were established in 1983. They are well-known professional automobile synchronizer and gear production enterprises in China, and currently have over 800 high-efficiency and high-precision CNC machine tools and testing equipment.


The company currently has 5 branches: Gear Factory, Synchronizer Factory, Bearing Factory, Steel Casting Factory, and Adjustment Arm Factory. The products mainly include: various types of synchronizers; Differential half axle gear, planetary gear, cylindrical gear; Universal joint; Cross shaft; Bearings; Adjust arms, etc. There are over 600 varieties, covering all domestic car series and foreign series such as Nissan, Mitsubishi, Hino, Renault, Mercedes Benz, ZF, etc. The company's products occupy a large share in China, and are not only supplied to the complete vehicle factory of Jiefang Automobile Group, but also exported to countries and regions such as Europe, the United States, the Middle East, East and West Asia, the Americas, Russia, etc.


We sincerely invite relevant personnel from this industry to join the Tongxing team, and let's work together to create a brilliant enterprise.


Our company's products are applicable to the following vehicle models:

EQ140, EQ145, EQ1060, EQ1061, Dongni 153, CA151, CA1046, DC6J-70T, DC6J-80T, DC6J-80TZ, DC6J-90T, DC7J-100T, DC7J-120T, NJ131, NJ1043, BJ130, BJ136, BJ1041, Hangchi 90, Hangchi 120, Jiangshan 850, Dongfeng NB box, Dongfeng 460, Dongfeng 480, Dongfeng 500, Jianghuai 5T97, FAW 75, Hachi 795, Hachi 980, BJ212, Iveco, Fukuda, Steyr, Suzuki 462, Jinbei, Isuzu, Qingdao 435 Juneng Forgot, Jiefang Jiuping Chai, Jiefang Wuton Wang, Jiefang 457, Jiefang 485, Qingdao 485, FAW 485, Jiefang 498 Bridge, Jiefang 300 Bridge, Jiefang 440 Bridge, Dongfeng Hercules, Dajiang Bridge, Northern Mercedes Benz, HOWO08 model, Hangzhou Automobile Liuping Chai


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